What We Ate Wednesday: Every Wednesday I write a blog post with all of the vegetarian dinners we ate this week.

Wednesday:  Roasted Potato and Frisee Salad and Hard Boiled Eggs

I made this salad but skipped the tomatoes and added hard boiled eggs for some protein. It was delish!

Thursday: ???

Um, I can’t remember and my calendar is wrong. Haha! So, um, leftovers?

Friday: Garlic Scape Creamy Pesto Pasta

I made this recipe but used garlic scapes (from the CSA) instead of garlic. Yummy!! And we also had a salad. We got a ton of greens in the CSA this week.

Saturday: Date Night

We went to see the Edge of Tomorrow (highly recommend) and grabbed takeout from Cava Grill on our way. I loooove that place!

Sunday:  Collard Greens Gratin and Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes 

We had more collards this week and I wanted to do something different so I made this new recipe. It was OK but I wasn’t in love with it. Campbell ate it all up though. So may be a good one to try? We also had twice baked sweet potatoes. I was trying to be healthier but I wish I had just used regular potatoes. Over all, not a great meal!

Monday: Pizza and Salad

Just TJ pizza dough, shredded cheese, and pizza sauce. And a salad. Easy and good!

Tuesday: Fritatta and Salad

We had some swiss chard in our CSA delivery so I made this frittata. Ben and I loved it and the kids thought it was fine. I also made oven roasted sweet potatoes as a side.

3 thoughts on “WWAW

  1. Angie

    You didn’t like the twice baked sweet potatoes? I thought they were really good! And, like you said, healthier than regular potatoes. I don’t really love sweet potatoes – and I especially don’t like when recipes make them even sweeter (like adding brown sugar, etc) so I think that’s why I really liked them twice-baked – it made them taste more like a regular potato!

  2. Caitlin Post author

    I think part of it was that the meal was too rich but also I really like baked potatoes so I think this just didn’t stack up!! And I do like sweet potatoes!

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