Campbell at 3

I really wish I had written this when Campbell turned three because now it is hard to remember (she is FOUR as I write this). But I will at least publish these cute photos and hopefully feel a little more inspired to write her 4 year old post before she turns 5!

Weight: 32.6lbs (68%)

Height: 39 inches (90%)

Some pictures of Campbell in her third year of life!



3 thoughts on “Campbell at 3

  1. Bec

    These are all the best, but maybe the best of the best are Angry Captain America and Posing with Mom While Clearly Plotting World Takeover. 🙂

  2. Grandma Judi

    I like the Nana, Caitlin, and Campbell clone photo! Just need bows for the two adults to make it perfect! 😉

  3. Caitlin Miller

    Haha!! The angry superhero is one of my faves too! And that’s a sweet comment Judi! A little family resemblance 😉

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