Campbell’s 4th birthday party

This year Campbell had a Princesses and Knights themed birthday party. She originally wanted a Princess theme but added the “knights” aspect on Sam’s recommendation to make it more gender neutral! Ha ha. We hired Elsa to come to the party which was a huge hit! She was an amazing Elsa and was so sweet and patient. She read books and talked about life in Arendelle with all of the girls while the boys hid behind a couch shooting invisible lasers at her. I didn’t get a lot of photos but we had a great time! The party was in the evening so we had a nice dinner spread: caprese pasta salad, tea sandwiches, potato chips, veggies, and dip. And of course cupcakes. The mom of oneĀ of my students is an amazing baker and made cookies for party favors (she has made them for the kids’ last couple parties). Overall I would say the party was a success!







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