Campbell at 4

I can’t believe our baby is already 4! She is still such a sweet and silly girl and this has been a really fun age!


Height: 42.5″ (93%)

Weight: 38 lbs (72%)

Vision: 20/20L 20/20R


Food: Campbell is a sweets lover. She would have dessert after every meal (or for every meal) if we let her. But she is also pretty into vegetables. She likes cucumbers and will often want that over a piece of fruit. But her very favorite vegetable is asparagus. She gets giddy when she sees a stack at the store. We roast them with olive oil, salt, and pepper and Campbell could easily eat a whole tray full.



Reading and Writing: Campbell loves books and being read to. She knows all of her letters and letter sounds (not all of the vowels) and she has Concept of Word (she can point along accurately to text she has memorized). I have a feeling she will be reading in the next year!

Campbell loves making cards and writing stories. She can usually correctly write the first and last letters of words, but most of the time she prefers to draw squiggles or nonsense letters when she is writing. She can write her whole name–which is a long one!



Health: Campbell is generally healthy but we have really noticed this year that she basically gets a fever every time she gets sick. She and Sam will get the same mild cold and Sam will stay fever free but she gets a fever without fail. I guess it’s good because it helps her fight off the bug and it is normally over in 24 hours or less. (The pic below is from one of the few times she got actually sick)


Sleep: Campbell is a morning person. She isn’t allowed to get out of bed until we come downstairs in the morning (or until Sam wakes her up on the weekends) but she always pops right out of bed, full of energy. She goes to bed every night at about 7:30 and is usually asleep very quickly. She doesn’t nap at all anymore, unless she is sick.

Pets: Sam and Campbell call their stuffed animals and dolls their “pets” and boy does Campbell love her pets. Who gets to sleep on her bed changes from night to night but she always has quite a posse with her. For Christmas this year, we gave her my old Samantha doll which she was so excited about. Any stuffed animal or doll is always a great gift in her mind!



Wardrobe: Campbell really likes to get herself dressed these days and often insists on picking out her own clothes. She makes some interesting choices so I have had to learn to be a little less uptight about that! And I have definitely had to hide certain items of clothing that weren’t weather appropriate or the right size because she can be very insistent! One of the saddest parts of her getting older is that she can’t wear bubbles anymore. We got one last bubble in last summer!




Silly: Campbell is always making us laugh. It seems like she is almost constantly trying to get a laugh out of Sam and can get crazy silly! One of her go to moves is sticking her butt out and talking in a silly voice. It sure is fun to have her around!


Ned: This really deserves it’s own post but I can’t talk about Campbell’s 4th year of life without mentioning her buddy Ned. Ned was our neighbor at our old house and I don’t think any of us realized how close the two were until we moved away and they couldn’t see each other every day. Ned’s mom, Catherine, and I have done our best to get these two love birds together as much as we can.IMG_20160310_112054009_HDR



Sibling dynamics: As I mentioned in Sam’s post, the two of them have been getting along really well. Campbell clearly adores Sam and gets so excited to greet him at the bus stop each day. They mostly play together nicely although Campbell relies a little too heavily on loud exaggerated sobs to help her get her way! They are really funny together because Sam is so serious and she is so silly. A lot of the time I can just see him thinking “who is this crazy girl” but  that just makes her act that much crazier. It is also clear that they love each other very much.



Camera shy?: Campbell goes back and forth between loving to pose for photos and straight out refusing to be photographed. I have a million photos of her making this angry face but then I also have a ton of her hamming it up! And she has a hard time turning down a selfie!




Snuggler: She is still very affectionate and loves to snuggle and give us kisses! Such a fun personality trait!


Helper: Campbell is very into helping right now and especially loves to help me cook. But she gives up pretty easily on “boring” tasks and getting her to clean up a mess she made is like pulling teeth!

Campbell, you are our sweet little bean! We love you so much! I am so glad I get to be your mommy! Here are a few more pics I had to include:


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    I don’t think I’m going to do anything else the rest of the week but look at these photos over and over (and all the other recent posts)! Really great.

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