Ten Years!

This spring, Ben and I celebrated our TEN YEAR anniversary! I was just looking at our five year anniversary blog post and reminiscing about our first five years. At the end of that post I wondered what the next five years would bring  (highlights: having a second child/first daughter, buying a new house/selling our old house, leaving the baby stage and entering the preschool/elementary school years). It has been a fantastic ten years. I truly can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else.

To celebrate we took a weekend trip to Charlottesville in January and stayed at a wonderful resort! We lucked out and the weather was unseasonably warm on Saturday and then there was a light snow shower on Sunday–the best of both worlds! It was such a fun and relaxing weekend. Thank you, Grandma Judi, for watching the kids while we were away!


Beautiful grounds–great for long walks on a pretty day!


Beautiful view from the hotel restaurant, which was delicious!


That big building in the background is the hotel! 


It was almost warm enough to go swimming on Saturday. But not on Sunday!!

We were in California visiting Ben’s family on our actual anniversary so we decided to go ahead and have another celebratory trip! Ben’s parents booked us a hotel in Palm Springs and watched the kids overnight. It was so fun and HOT! Just what we were looking for since winter in VA lasted all the way until June!


Ben surprised me by having flowers delivered!



Awesome pool views


Dinner at Chi Chi for our anniversary. There was a wedding at the hotel where the restaurant was, which was very fun!

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  1. Grandma Judi

    Glad you went to Palm Springs when you did, since it was over 120 degrees there this week! And once again, Happy Anniversary! 🙂

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