Sam at 7

I cannot believe I have been a mom to this sweet boy for SEVEN years! Sam just turned 7 in early October and it has been a little hard to wrap my head around the fact that we now have a 7 year old. He has really grown up this past year and we are so proud of him. He makes us laugh, drives us crazy, and fills our hearts every single day.


Weight: 54lbs (63rd%)


Height: 51″ (91st%)


Favorite Foods: apples (every day for snack), pretzels (still called prenzels), macaroni and cheese, “tea sandwiches” (egg salad), smoothies, fruit of any kind, “special drinks” (kids’ cocktails by Ben).




Sleeping patterns: 8-7:30. Still a good sleeper!


Favorite activities: video games (team fortress, boom beach, clash of clans), jumping on the trampoline, legos, playdates with Max, riding his bike, creating elaborate games and challenges to play with dinosaurs and army men, playing and noisemaking on the piano, reading (will truly read ANYTHING in front of him), pretending to be Custard the dog. He is fiercely competitive but hasn’t learned to channel that in a productive way yet!




Relationship with Campbell: They get along great! Of course they still fight but they are really good friends and have a lot of fun playing together. It is so nice!






Behavior: Great! 6 and 7 have been great years. Sam is kind and obedient most of the time and is pretty quick to apologize when he gets in trouble. Embarrassment seems to be his least favorite emotion and is often the cause of bad behavior (e.g. embarrassed by something Campbell says so he yells or hits her). He also is SUCH a homebody and we really have to work to get him out of the house on weekends. However he usually is happy once we are out on an activity.



School: He has been doing great in school. He is an excellent reader and has good comprehension. He also seems to be great at math. His handwriting has come a long way but fine motor skills are still a struggle. We hear that he is a good listener and helper, and never has behavior problems at school (phew!).



Happy belated birthday to our big first grader! We love you!


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