*Every Wednesday I write a blog post with all of the vegetarian dinners we ate this week!*

Well we are done with our month long vegan challenge. Although it was a struggle to stay vegan when we were out to eat, I really enjoyed making a vegan dinner almost every night. I normally try to have at least one vegan meal every week, but now maybe it’ll be easy to incorporate a couple more. I do have to say though, that I may be the first person in the history of the world to gain weight on a vegan diet. WTF?


Wednesday:  Chili

We made a delicious veggie chili that my mom sent. One of her friends won a chili cook off with the recipe! What I liked the most about it was the roasted sweet potatoes. Unfortunately I don’t have a link but I will try to type it up soon.

Thursday: Rice and Beans and Brussels Sprouts

I made this dish, but without the turkey. It was pretty good, but a little monotonous. The roasted brussels sprouts were delish!

Friday: Quinoa Salad, Corn Tortillas, Roasted Sweet Potatoes

We all LOVE this quinoa salad. I served it with corn tortillas and roasted sweet potatoes (seasoned with cayenne and roasted paprika).

Saturday: Potato Curry and Dosas

We made this delicious Indian dinner from a recipe from my friend Puja’s amazing blog! It was delish, but I need a little more practice on perfecting my dosas, which are basically Indian crepes.

Sunday: Quesadillas, Guac, and Chicken-less Buffalo Dip

For the superbowl, we had quesadillas with homemade corn tortillas (made by Ben) and what I call my “poor man’s guacamole” which is just avocados, lime juice, salt, and garlic powder. Though I should probably call it my lazy man’s guacamole, since the avocados aren’t cheap! I also made my friend Alison’s yummy buffalo chicken dip, without the chicken. She makes it a lot for parties and always makes a little chicken-free batch for me and it’s so good!!!

Monday: Sweet Potato Wraps

I made these again but this time I roasted the sweet potatoes instead of steaming and pureeing them and I liked it even better! I also made fresh flour tortillas, which is obviously better (you might be guessing how I gained weight on this vegan diet…)

Tuesday: Crock Pot Tomato Soup

This was really yummy but too rich. I think next time I would use half as much half and half. I also made yummy garlic bread to go with it.