First Day of Kindergarten and Preschool 3/4s

This was a big first day of school for us! Sam went off to his very first year of elementary school. (And now his Kindergarten year is almost done! How is that possible!?). Sam was pretty nervous for the first day (mommy was too) but he did great and was excited to go the next day. He was also a little worried about riding the bus but ended up loving that part! We are so lucky that he has such nice teachers. What a great year of Kindergarten!





And Campbell had her first day of school just a few weeks after Sam’s! She is in the older threes/young fours class this year and loves it! She has never seemed to get nervous about school ever! She has two great teachers this year too.




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  1. Grandma Judi

    I think I speak for everyone when I say Hooray! The blog is really back! 🙂 Also those pix on the lawn and on the front steps are pretty great.

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