Democratic Convention

Wow! This is a hard post to write now! But I am going back through all my old pictures and trying to make sure I blog about all the big events of our last year so I don’t forget anything and this certainly was a big event for us.

This summer Ben and his boss were invited to attend the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia (Ben’s boss was a delegate for California). Since Ben had a hotel room and Philly is a fairly short drive from DC, we decided to make a family trip out of it!

Ben was working most of the time but the kids and I entertained ourselves at the hotel’s indoor pool, walking around downtown and visiting some fun Philly spots. We got a babysitter a couple of nights so I could also go down to the convention floor and so we could go to some of the great parties and concerts.

It was a really fun trip. If only the final outcome had been better…




My night at the convention. I got to use a delegate pass to get right on the floor and heard Obama and Biden speak.


We all were very fortunate to attend a Women’s Leadership event hosted by Nancy Pelosi, one my personal heroes. Definitely the highlight of the event for Campbell was getting to hear Idina Menzel sing “Let it Go!” There were almost no kids at the event so they were even invited up onto the stage!! It was amazing to hear Idina Menzel–her voice was even more beautiful in person. I was also pretty excited to see Tony Goldwyn 😉




The kids and I love the Please Touch Museum!



We had a fun time just hanging around the hotel too. We went to the pool every day. One day as we were riding the elevator down in our bathing suits, a man asked me where the pool was. I turned around to answer him and saw that it was Danny Glover! So cool. The kids also enjoyed going to the hotel bar and enjoying Shirley Temples. We even treated them to room service one night. They were so spoiled and have been talking about Philadelphia ever since.




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  1. grandma judi

    Actually, for some reason this post makes me feel happy, despite the apocalyptic outcome.

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